Online Resources and Historical Texts

The following historical and modern texts might be of use to AODA members and friends interested in the Druid Revival and related areas.

Historical Texts on Celtic Mythology and Legend

Anonymous, The Instructions of King Cormac (Online)
An old Irish wisdom text.

Anonymous, The Testament of Morann (Online)
Another old Irish wisdom text, attributed to the author of one of the word-Oghams given in the Auraicept na n-Eces.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, The Chronicles of the Kings of Britain (Online)
Chapters VI-IX of the first major work of Arthurian literature, including all the passages about Merlin and Arthur.

Lady Charlotte Guest, The Mabinogion (PDF) (Online)
The timeless collection of old Welsh legends.

Rev. Robert Kirk, The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies (Online)
The classic 1691 book of Scots faery traditions.

William F. Skene, The Four Ancient Books of Wales (Online)
A collection of all the surviving poems of Welsh bards during the Dark Ages, including poetry attributed to Taliesin and Merlin.

Modern Texts on the Druid Revival

James Bonwick, Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions (Online)
An important scholarly work on Irish Druid lore from 1894.

J. A. MacCulloch, The Religion of the Ancient Celts (Online)
Another solid scholarly work from the turn of the last century.

W. Winwood Reade, The Veil of Isis, or Mysteries of the Druids (Online)
A book of Druid Revival lore, inaccurate as a description of the ancient Celtic Druids but influential in the creation of Revival traditions.

Three Initiates, The Kybalion (PDF)
Among the most respected introductions to the Western esoteric tradition.

Other Resources Online

The Online Library of Western Esoterica
A links page with access to dozens of Western esoteric texts online.