General References for AODA Candidates

The following list may help those new to the Druid path, particiularly, to Earth Path studies, help you find free and available resources.

The Independent Scholar‘s Handbook by Ronald Gross. Deep, fast to read learning for life program design and follow-through.  Explains how to research a topic or fact, including sections on how to avoid common or fatal errors. has many hundreds of books, audio books, and other resources that may apply to any field of interest.

National Academies Press. (NAP). Publishing arm of the National Sciences Foundation. Approximately 2/3rds of the books and papers are available for download free as complete pdf books or chapters. Astronomy to Zoology are covered.

Project Gutenberg. Putting classic books in many languages back into circulation for free. The audio counterpart to Project Gutenberg. Excellent for those who more readily absorb information by listening. Invest 14-35$ in an audio player and headphones or earbuds, and you shall have thousands of hours of music and instruction at the press of a button.

USDA Websites. Cooking, building outdoor ovens, recipes, menu planning and gardening. Anyone under 18 who hasn’t grown up cooking needs to make this their very first stop in Lifelong Learning Skills, in the opinion of the current Grand Arch-Druid.)

UNESCO Websites. Free or low cost books covering languages, local cultures, village health, clean water, pollution, and many other topics of importance.

US Technical Manuals. Over the centuries, the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the Air Force have produced hundreds of technical manuals covering almost any field of expertise, from investigation to mathematics and radio propagation to field cooking and field medicine. Available for free download many places on the ‘Net, and for sale for a very few dollars through a number of vendors, including Every skill imaginable, save for farming, is covered in one or more series of books for absolute beginners.

The Khan Academy. Free Instruction in hundreds of fields, for beginners to experts. Lifelong learning resource. One stop shopping for inspiring free downloadable art, science news, astronomy, climate information, land studies, etc. European Space Agency website. Similar to NASA in scope, but in more languages.

Tune-In Radio. Aggregator of blogs, radio stations, commentary, and virtually any special interest group imaginable has an audio podcast available. Free. The paid service offers thousands of audio books, from best sellers to obscure technical references.

BBC Online. From science to keeping up with the Archers, speculative fiction, special reports, news and information from a decidedly non-American position. (Many of their podcasts and streams are avaiable to persons outside of the UK.)

“Make” Magazine. An excellent resource for expanding awareness of how to up-cycle, side-cycle repair, restore, or re-purpose what most see as junk.