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Resources for Ecological Study

Ecoregions of North America

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The member resources listed here are available only to current AODA members in good standing.  If you are a member, and would like to access these materials, please contact our webmaster, at email address, and provide your full name and email address, along with your request for access.  Once your membership status has been verified, you will be sent log-in and password information that will enable you to access the members-only sections of our site.

New Member Guide (PDF Download Here)

AODA Ritual Guidelines and Seasonal Celebrations (PDF Download Here)

Members-Only Discussion Forums 

Membership Map (add secure link, here)

Directory of Human Resources  (add secure link, here)

(as in: I am a member, and I have read the New Member Guide, and all these web pages, and I still have questions about X; OR, I have specific questions about XYZ, which is not supposed to be discussed on the forum; and so, whom am I supposed to ask?)

this could include both GG folks, and also Mentor Program folks… something on the order of:

name/email/forum username for curriculum questions;

name/email/forum username for transfer credit questions;

name/email/forum username for membership process questions;

name/email/forum username for GCC application questions, etc.

Gnostic Celtic Church – Adam Robersmith, Archdruid of Fire, / Forum Handle: GeagDharach

Membership Questions – Kelly