The Ancient Order of Druids in America welcomes applications for membership from men and women of all spiritual, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, age 18 or older, who wish to create and follow a personal path of nature spirituality.

Why Join?

The AODA offers a wide variety of benefits to its members, including:

  • Education in nature-based spirituality, druid philosophy, activity, and ritual practices;
  • Mentoring in the process of developing your personal, earth-centered path of nature spirituality;
  • Participation in an active, vibrant, and respectful online community;
  • Opportunities to participate in face-to-face activities, via membership in Home Circles, Study Groups, and Groves;
  • Members-only information (newsletters, membership maps, etc);
  • A New Candidate Guide for AODA members
  • And best of all, a really cool AODA logo patch, that you can sew onto your favorite hiking vest or crane bag, or whatever else you fancy!

For more on how to join the AODA, visit our “Joining the AODA” page.

For more information on our curriculum, visit our “Curriculum” page.