AODA Groves, Study Groups & Home Circles

Many AODA members prefer to work in a solitary form, while others prefer the companionship of other druids. The AODA offers three kinds of groups for its members:

AODA Groves are officially chartered groups led by an Adept. As such, Groves can initiate Companions, Candidates, and Apprentices into the order and offer advanced mentoring and support for members. Groves are required to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, and use the Order’s Grove opening and closing ceremonies.

AODA Study Groups are officially chartered groups, led by Companions in the AODA. As such, study groups can initiate Candidates and Apprentices into the order. Study Groups are encouraged to celebrate the solstice and equinoxes and to use the Order’s Grove opening and closing ceremonies.

AODA Home Circles are informal groups where AODA members and friends come together to learn more about the bardic, ovate, and druid arts. Any member of the AODA, regardless of standing, can form and lead a home circle, and for those who feel called to offer space for community and mutual growth, we strongly encourage it.

If you are interested in establishing a Home Circle, Study Group, or Grove within the AODA contact the Grand Grove at

Current AODA Groves

Delsarte Grove, Bremerton, WA

Led by Gordon Cooper, Druid Adept.
Contact:  Open to new members, performing initiations.

Hemlock and Hazel Grove, Indiana, PA

Led by Dana O’Driscoll, Druid Adept and Grand Archdruid.
Contact: Closed, but performing initiations for all three AODA degrees.

Three Roads Grove,  Springfield, OH

Led by Lady Oceanstar, Druid Adept. Contact: Three Roads Grove is currently not accepting new members, but is available for initiations.

Two Ravens Grove, Pipe Creek, TX

Led by Timothy Whitmore-Wolf, Ovate Adept and Archdruid of Air, The group is open to new members and performs initiations.

Current AODA Study Groups

Purple Coneflower Study Group, St. Louis Metro (Spanish Lake), MO

Led by Claire Schosser, Druid Companion and Archdruid of Water.  Open to new members and performing initiations.

Oak and Ether Grove, Online

Led by Kathleen Opon, Druid Adept and Archdruid of Fire with Tamara Lowry, Druid Apprentice. Open to new members and to performing initiations, in person or online (online initiations are still in development).

Ocean’s Mist Study Group, Warwick, RI

Led by David P. Smith, Druid Companion,  Open to new members and performing initiations.

Current AODA Home Circles

Gary Oak Circle in Hillsboro, Oregon

Led by:  Larry Keyes, AODA Apprentice 
Meeting on the second Saturday of each month to share learning and practices of druidry in the context of the AODA.

Home Circle, Minneapolis, MN

Led by Marcus Baker, AODA Candidate,

Home Circle, Sacramento, CA

Led by Jose Esparaza, AODA Candidate,

The Circle of the Great Aspens and Reeds, Kaysville, UT

Led by Brenda Holmes,

The Three Staves, Washington DC Metro Area.

Led by Moine Michelle ( and Skye (